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Ms. Behaving at Royal Ascot

MS. BEHAVING believes that going to a spa – for an afternoon or a week, on land or sea – should be a relaxing experience. Here are two ways to make it so:

A READER WRITES: I love to have spa treatments when on vacation, but my husband just doesn’t get it. I’d like to share a spa experience with him. What to do?


MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: Simple, my dear! First, don’t insist he get a facial or do an exotic couples massage. Instead, do tell him that almost half of all spa-goers worldwide are men … then ask him about that sore tennis shoulder or tender hip from uber-golfing. Guess what? Spas cater to men with special sports-oriented massages that target vulnerable muscles. Tell him it’s for medical purposes, won’t involve incense/a gong/errant flower petals … and assure him that he can choose either a man or woman therapist for his comfort zone. Ms. Behaving promises you that after one sports massage, he’ll get it! And feel lots better, too.


A READER WRITES: When you’re going for a massage, what’s the deal with the paper underwear? Is it really necessary? They never fit …

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: While spas (mostly in the US) must legally offer said dreaded paper pants for modesty, you are not legally obliged to wear them. Indeed, they serve no purpose whatsoever … except to bunch up and feel strange. Why bother: all massage therapists use towels and draping techniques to make sure that private parts are never exposed during the treatment. Ms. Behaving believes that the massage experience shouldn’t include worrying about wedgies. And let’s save the planet: going commando is also a great way to go green!


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