The Family That Reads Together

  Dec. 07, 2010


By Susan Farewell

There’s a new book getting front and center attention in our household: That’s Awesome! The World’s Most Amazing Facts and Records has just been published by Time Home Entertainment and the editors of Time for Kids. While it is technically a book for kids, (ages 8 and up), it doesn’t stop my husband and I from poring through, reading out loud, and talking about where we might go next based on places it books for kids

That's Awesome! takes many of the world’s most amazing facts and records and presents them with great photos, illustrations, maps and diagrams. On top of that, it’s written in a fun, easy-to-read style.

I think what I love most about That's Awesome! is that every time I dip into it for a few minutes, I feel I’m learning something new effortlessly. And much of what I learn makes for great dinner conversations. It all falls under the “education” umbrella, which is ALWAYS a good thing in a family’s household.

Also, in these days where so many of us are constantly being pulled in different directions, the book is easy to dip into randomly and for brief periods of time. You don’t have to commit to a full chapter or even worry about reading the entire book.

Think you know it all already? Take this three-question quiz and then decide.

1. Where do people weave islands to live on?

2. Where’s the tallest building in the world?

3. Where do people’s glasses freeze to their faces in winter?

You’ll find the answers to these as well as other fun facts and details about the world’s foods, animals, weather, space, sports, history, arts, mysteries and more!

That’s Awesome! is available at major bookstores and through Amazon, for $19.95.


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