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Pregnant or know someone that is?

Recently named one of the 2010 “Top Doctors in Connecticut” by Connecticut magazine, Dr. Marjorie Szeto of the Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Westport, Connecticut, offers the following tips for those traveling while pregnant.

Travel with a pillow. Carry a small one, just 8 by 10 inches or straveling while pregnant, B2M Productions/Getty Imageso. It makes for a nice cushion between your stomach and the seatbelt on the plane or any vehicles you might travel in.

Allow yourself a bit of caffeine while on the road. Drinking the equivalent of one cup of caffeine a day is okay and may be a necessity if you have to get up for an especially early flight. Order half a cup of a caffeinated beverage mixed with half a cup of decaf. You can do this twice a day and not jeopardize your pregnancy.

Take along Sea-Bands for nausea. Providing a sort of acupuncture to the wrist, these can come in handy, whether you’re on a boat or terra firma. Prescription patches are fine as well. There’s also a new drug-free, FDA-cleared prescription on the market called Prima Bella which is an acupuncture bracelet that works continuously on a battery.

Choose your cabin seats carefully. In addition to requesting bulkhead seats (which generally provide extra legroom) on planes, ask for seats that are in the most stable part of the plane. Same goes with ships. Request a cabin in a section of the ship that provides a smoother voyage.

Pack some Pedialyte or Gatorade: It is important to stay hydrated when pregnant so be sure to carry plenty of liquids when you can. Of course, you can’t take them on a plane, but you can carry liquids on board ships. These two are smart choices.

Choose cheeses carefully. When traveling in Europe and other countries where cheese is so much part of the diet, be sure to stay away from non-pasteurized varieties. Of course, you want to steer clear of raw meats and fish as well.

Make sure your cell phone will work. Wherever you travel, be sure you’ll be able to reach your doctor back home. If service might be questionable, look at backups such as satellite phones.

Lastly, check with your own doctor regarding your travel plans. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Before making plans, run them by your own doctor.

Have other traveling while pregnant questions? Send your travel pregnancy questions to us and we'll have Dr. Szeto address them.

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