When you go to ____________, you must have the _____________. No matter where you wander, there are dishes you have to try. And then there are the dishes you never forget. As our world shrinks, it's easier to find various internFarewellTravels quizational foods at restaurants and markets at home, but nothing can match eating a country's (or a region's) specialty in the place where it originated.

This week's quiz is designed to remind you of those unforgettable dishes as well as introduce you to some you can look forward to sampling.

Keep in mind that our travel quizzes are simply designed for fun. Test yourself weekly on a variety of subjects from airlines to ski areas. It'll keep you on your toes. There are no prizes, no honors, just the chance to find out how knowledgeable you are about the world of travel.

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1. What's on the Swedish breakfast table?

Illustration by Jeanne Farewell

a) Pickled herring
b) Jarlsberg and Wasa
c) Caviar
d) All of the Above

2. What is the Maine lobster roll traditionally served with?

a) Cole slaw
b) Pickles
c) Potato chips
d) All of the above

3.What do Egyptians put in their tea?

a) Pomegranate seeds
b) Fresh mint
c) Cardamom pods
d) None of the above

4. Where did ceviche originate?

a) Peru
b) Chile
c) Costa Rica
d) Mexico


5. How did the popular British pudding "Spotted Dick" get its name?

a) From its creator, the Earl of Dick.
b) It has chocolate pieces in it.
c) It is made with currants.
d) It was shortened from Spotted Richard.Photo by Susan Farewell

6.  Where can you find conch fritters?

a) The Bahamas
b) Haiti
c) Belize
d) All of the Above


7. Where did Bunny Chow (pictured right) originate?

a) Australia
b) USA
c) Ireland
d) South Africa

8. What ingredient will you NOT find in the famous Vietnamese sandwich, Banh-Mi?

a) Pork loin chops
b) Chili Sauce
c) Celery
d) Cilantro


Folegandros, Greece photo by Susan Farewell


9. What is the distinguishing ingredient in Cincinnati-style chili?

a) Fried eggs
b) Cumin
c) Spaghetti
d) Pinto beans


10. In Greece, what is Dakos?

a) A salad with feta cheese, kalamata olives and octopus
b) Salad with bread
c) Stuffed grape leaves
d) A coffee drink made with Nescafé






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