Travel Quiz: Foods Around the World. Answers.


1. What's on the Swedish breakfast table? travel quiz

d) All of the above

On Swedish breakfast buffets as well as in private homes, you'll find an assortment of pickled herrings, Jarlsberg cheese, Wasa and caviar among other food items including breads, breakfast meats and yogurt.

2. What is the Maine lobster roll traditionally served with?

d) All of the above.

The Maine lobster roll can be served on its own or with cole slaw, pickles and chips.

Bar Harbor, maine, photo Susan Farewell


3.What do Egyptians put in their tea?

b) Fresh mint.

We even found fresh mint served on board our Egypt Air flights! Not sure we've ever seen an airline with bunches of fresh herbs in the galley.

4. Where did ceviche originate?

a) Peru

While Peru is the answer many modern historians agree on, it has been disputed. Some believe the popular seafood dish originated in other South and Central American counties. Some think it is rooted in the Polynesian islands. And there is one school of thought saying it comes from Moorish cuisine in Spain.


5. How did the popular British pudding Spotted Dick get its name?

c) From its currants.

Getty Images: Bahamas

This steamed suet pudding contains dried fruit, usually currants.

6.  Where can you find conch fritters?

d) All of the above.

This tasty hor d'oeuvre or snack is popular in the Bahamas, Haiti and Belize.

Conch Photo: Getty Images/Islands of the Bahamas

7. Where did Bunny Chow originate?

d) South Africa

Bunny chow is a spicy stew served in hollowed-out bread.

8. What ingredient will you NOT find in the famous Vietnamese sandwich, Banh-Mi?

c) Celery

The popular sandwich is traditionally made with a baguette. Popular fillings include roasted or grilled pork, Vietnamese sausage, chicken and cheese often with chili or soy sauce. Cilantro is the main herb used.

9. What is the distinguishing ingredient in Cincinnati-style chili?

c) Spaghetti

Cincinnati-style chili is commonly served over spaghetti.

10. In Greece, what is Dakos?

b) Salad with bread

Some call this salad the Greek bruschetta.



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