How Well Do You Know the World?



Travel Quiz- posted 10/04/2010

One of the greatest things about travel is that you learn all sorts of cool facts and trivia about places around the world. But how much do you retain? How much can you really recall when asked to? Test yourself weekly with our "How well do you know the world?" quiz. It'll keep you on your toes.

FarewellTravels quiz

There are no prizes, no honors, just the chance to find out how knowledgeable you are about the world of travel.

Go ahead. Test yourself.

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1. In which of these countries, do you drive on the left-hand side of the road?

a. Russia, Canada, Jamaica

b. India, Ireland, Japan

C. India, Italy, Jamaica

Greek Island hopping
2. How many Greek Islands are there?

a. 78

b. 227

C. 2,000

d. Over 6,000

3. Which of these countries has the highest life expectancy?

a. Sweden

b. Andorra

c. Japan


4. In which city is the Bo-Kaap district located?

a. Amsterdam

b. Cape Town

c. Christiansted

5. What kind of undergarments should you NOT take on a trip to the tropics?

a. Cotton

b. Nylon

c. Acrylic

d. Silkwaterfalls

6. In what country will you find the highest waterfall?

a. Boliva

b. Venezuela

c. South Africa

d. Iceland

7. In what city, besides Rome, will you find the Papal Palace?

a. Ravenna

b. Pisa

c. Avignon

d. Paris

8. If you have just entered the town of Sintra, what country are you in?

a. Portugal

b. Italy

c. Spain

d. Greece


9. Which country has 13 Santa Clauses?

a. Wales

b. Iceland

c. Slovenia


10. Which state in the US calls itself the "Arsenal of the Nation"?

a. Pennsylvania

b. Maryland

c. Connecticut

d. Texas



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