How Well Do You Know the World?



Okay, smartie pants, think you know the world?

“How Well do You Know the World?” is a regular feature FarewellTravels quizon FarewellTravels. It is simply a quiz, designed to test your knowledge of countries, airports, attractions, and general travel trivia.

There are no prizes, no honors, just the chance to find out how knowledgeable you are about the world of travel.

Go ahead. Test yourself.

For answers, you will find a link below.

1. What is the world's oldest continuously operating airline?

a. Avianca

b. KLM

C. Qantas

d. Northwest

2. How tall is the Eiffel Tower?

a. 1500 feet

b. 804 feet

c. 984 feet

d. Over 1,000 feet

Roger Salvadore

3. In Europe, the most mountains can be found in...

a. Sweden

b. Norway

c. Austria

d. Switzerland



4. What is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?

a. Luxor

b. Damascus

c. Jerico

d. Rome


5. Which country has the most number of islands?

a. Japan

b. Greece

c. FinlandJim Mooney photograph

d. Philippines


6. Which tourists spend the most money when traveling?

a. Germans

b. Japanese

c. Americans

d. Russians


(1964 World's Fair Unisphere Globe photo by Jim Mooney)

7. In what country are you expected not to tip?

a. Japan

b. Australia

c. Korea

d. All of the above


8. Where is Mole National Park?

a. Brazil

b. Ghana

c. New Zealand

d. South Africa


9. If you travel down the Amazon, which of these countries do you NOT pass through?

a. Chile

b. Brazil

c. Venezuela

d. Columbia

10. Which state in the United States has the oldest amusement park?

a. Pennsylvania

b. New Jersey

c. Ohio

d. Connecticut


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