Cool Travel Ed for Kids



By Sloane A. Williams

Did you know that some states have their own muffins listed right up there alongside the state flag, bird, and tree? New York does. It’s the Apple Muffin. And did you know that Kate Boehm JeromeGatorade was developed to help the University of Florida football team—the Gators—stay hydrated? What about this one…while on New Year’s Eve, people around the world watch the ball drop in Times Square to mark the new year, in Georgia, the Peach State, thousands watch a huge fiberglass peach drop from an Atlanta tower.

This is just a sampling of what you and your kids can chat about with the expanding series of books, “Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know” by Kate Boehm Jerome. They’re handy to have at home if you live in one of the cities featured (there are 22 of them throughout the country) or you’re driving to or through them.

The thin softcovers are easy to read, full of great visuals and are educational as well as FUN. And while they’re geared to kids ages 7-11, chances are anyone older stands to learn quite a bit as well. You can find them ($9.99 each) at bookstores, or get them directly through the publisher, Arcadia Publishing.


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