Whale Watching by Sea Kayak




In some parts of the world, you can take whale-watching cruises. In others, you can watch the whales from shore. With Sea Kayak Adventures, you can see the whales from a kayak in the sheltered waters of the Inside passage off northern Sea Kayaking and whale watchingVancouver Island, British Columbia.

The Johnstone Strait is considered the best place in the world to observe the massive killer whales (named for the voluminous amount of fish they consume). Every summer, they gather in this area to feast on the salmon runs. With experienced guides leading small groups in stable sea kayaks, you can observe them and listen to their vocalizations from a hydrophone.

The company offers six-day family camping expeditions (they provide all the gear) with hiking and kayaking expeditions punctuated by home-cooked meals.

--Susan Farewell


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