Weekend Getaways from NYC



Quick Escapes from New York City, Susan Farewell

Chances are you've had this experience. You're finally getting out of town, you're on the road and you realize, it's time for lunch. So you get off at the next exit and are faced with one fast-food option after another or even worse...the long and winding country road that leads to no where.

Or what about this experience? You book an inn in a really romantic place, like Nantucket, assuming you'll figure out what you'll do while on the island. You arrive and learn all the best restaurants are booked plus you have to devote an entire morning to deciding what to do.

Nobody wants to waste precious down time frustrated and disappointed. It is with this very thought in mind that I wrote Quick Escapes from New York City, which has been updated in eight editions. In it, I've customized 20 short trips, all within easy reach of New York City, that range from one to three-night stays. Each trip is designed to take the guesswork out of your experience and allow you to go with confidence, knowing things will go smoothly. It's available at most bookstores and through Amazon.com.

--Susan Farewell


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