Exploring a Greek Volcano



On just about any Greek Island you visit, there’s inevitably a list of things you might want to do. See the ruins? The little village on the other end of the island? The caves? The butterflies? Every island has its treasures and its charms.

Greece, Susan Farewell photo
One to put high on the list for your family trip to Santorini is to take a boat excursion over to the volcano. Boats leave from the old port of Fira for three-hour excursions that include walking up the volcanic cone and crater of Néa Kaméni. Not only is it fascinating to see the lava remnants all around—including some wisps of sulfurous steam here and there-- but to look back at Santorini itself, with its cliff-top white-washed buildings that--from a distance-- look like snow.

Afterwards, the boat carries on, dropping anchor where you can have a swim in water warmed by hot sulphur springs.

Once back on the island itself, hail a donkey, walk the 300 steps, or step inside the funicular for a smooth ride back up to the village.

--Susan Farewell


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