The Lotion for Those of Us in Motion



AmLactin Moisturizing Lotion

Chances are, if you use moisturizing creams and lotions on your face regularly, you’re likely to keep up the routine when traveling, but what about the rest of your skin?

It’s so easy to forget about taking care of it when rushing for planes, moving between time zones or just enduring long car rides.

For any kind of travel, Sharon Littzi, M.D., an aesthetic dermatologist in New Canaan, Connecticut, recommends using a really effective moisturizer such as AmLactin which has alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate and hydrate the skin. “It is especially effective for hands, feet and the body,” she says.

“Another product that’s very effective is Vaseline Clinical Care.” And for those skin irritations that have a habit of showing up when you’re on vacation, “Always bring along Aloe Vera Gel. It’ll help soothe burns and other skin irritations.”

These are all available in pharmacies.

                                                                   --Susan Farewell

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