Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Waterfalls



You’re always hearing about how much rain the Olympic Peninsula gets. Indeed, every year, this part of Washington state gets between 12-15 feet in its mountains.

What you Waterfall Trail in Washingtondon’t hear much about are the waterfalls created by all this rain. There are dozens of them tucked away in the mountains and forests. Several are accessible by wheelchair, but others require backcountry hiking or are best viewed from the water.

How do you find them?

We've discovered a brilliant website: the Olympic Peninsula WaterfallTrail.com created by local tourism offices. It features maps pinpointing the locations of each as well as driving directions, information on best times to visit and photos.

--Editors of FarewellTravels


Photo by Mary Brelsford with the Olympic Peninsula Visitors Bureau.





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