Everybody's Gone Surfing



By Susan Farewell


One look at the waves in Maui and you’re going to wish you knew how to surf. Easily done. With the right surfing lessons, you can be a “Beach Boy” in a day. The trick is to not just walk up to any surf school cabana and hand over the credit card. Do some homework.

  • For starts, find out what the student/instructor ratio is. There should be at least one teacher fsurfing in Mauior every three students.
  • Make sure the instructor is with you the entire time you’re on the water. None of this, “Okay, we’ll catch up with you on the beach in half an hour.”
  • Check to see if your instructor is WSI-certified (Water Safety Instruction). On state beaches, this is required. Not so on county parks and beaches.
  • Confirm that all gear is included in the quoted price.

One place that fits the bill is Island Style Adventures, right in front of the Westin Maui Resort & Spa (though you don’t have to be a guest there). Lessons start at $70 per person for a two-hour session and include 20 minutes of water safety education and a primer on technique. It’s right on Ka’anapali Beach and has a policy you’ll like. If you’re not standing on your board in the first lesson, the lesson is free.


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