To a Tea!



When visiting South Africa, you'll inevitably have many opportunities to try rooiborooibos teas tea, also known as bush tea.

Pronounced “roy-bos”, which is Afrikaans for “red bush”, rooibos is a plant used to make herbal teas that are said to have all sorts of therapeutic qualities thanks to the high level of antioxidants and phenolic compounds. Many residents of Southern African countries and visitors alike drink it to ease the discomfort of jet lag, stress, aching muscles…you name it.

While the tea is served with milk and sugar, it’s actually sweet enough on its own. It’s also a reddish brown color, earning it the nick name “red tea” and is caffeine-free.

Does it work? Well…let’s put it this way, I once almost missed my gate call stocking up on it in the Cape Town International airport.

--Susan Farewell


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