Hotels that Put on the Dog for Canine Guests



Fluffy pet beds, in-room grooming, dog-walking services, complimentary kibble…these are just some of the dog-centric amenities the average dog can look forward to at an increasing number of hotels that really “put on the dog” for their canine guests.

The Preferred Hotel Group (which includes The Colonnade Hotel in Boston, The Woodlands Inn in Charleston, SC, and the Egerton House Hotel in London, England) is especially worth “sniffing out” when it comes to pet-friendliness.

At several of their hotels, four-legged guests (including cats) get their own pet beds, use of food bowls and a selection of dog and cat foods. The hotels also handle pet emergencies such as providing leashes if you’ve left yours home. For a small fee, a member of the staff will take Fido for a walk.

They will also assist with making veterinarian arrangements, dog-sitting services, dog grooming and spa treatments. Do note that big dogs such as Bailey (pictured here) make it into the media because of their cuteness but not all hotels allow larger dogs. Be sure to confirm head of time.

--Susan Farewell


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